Episode 9: "Altitude Sickness". Interview with Carmen Elle (Diana), Musician.
Today’s guest, Toronto musician Carmen Elle, has been performing and recording for the past 11 years.   It hasn’t been easy.  Since childhood, Carmen has had to deal with crippling anxiety and phobias.  Included among them: Frequent panic attacks that can strike at any time and a terrible fear of travelling.  

Carmen and I talked about panic attacks on stage, the healing powers of altitude sickness, and how she gets really calm when things go really wrong. 

Carmen Recommends:  US Girls (band), Da Vinci Code for light reading (book), Wet Hot American Summer because it is the best movie ever. (movie)
Youtube: "Perpetual Surrender" music video
Episode Song Playlist: "Born Again" by Diana from the album "Perpetual Surrender
Stuff We Mention: Austra, Army Girls, Haim.
Photo Credit: Kristie Muller