Episode 8: Interview with Neil McDonald, Music Producer/Engineer
Neil is a Toronto-based music producer, engineer, and soundtrack composer. Above all, Neil is a class-A music obsessive.   If we somehow lost all records of music history, Neil would be an ideal man to hire to help us patch together what happened and how. 

I caught up with Neil at an interesting time. He had just been laid off from his job at a studio he worked at which helped financed his other projects.  He called it a “ jolt to the system” but that was a good thing he said.  It was forcing him to open up and look around for what else the world had to offer.    He's been willing and wanting to discover what else was out there since he began listening and deconstructing to his brother's 70s hard rock record collection at the age of 5.  At the age of 11 he embarked on a lifelong pursuit of new music through the the help of a very unique pen pal relationship. We cover that and more on this episode of Alice: The Creativity Podcast.     
Neil Recommends:  Please Kill Me: An Uncensored Oral History of Punk Rock (book), What Happened, Miss Nina Simone (documentary), Oranssi Pazuzu (album)
Episode Song Playlist: "Spagetti North" by Echo Sound (Toronto) - bug Neil for the track if you like it.
Stuff We Mention: The list of bands, artists and references that Neil and I (mostly Neil) mention on this one is long.  I tried my best to capture the ones I remember - Fugazi, Pulp, Tyler the Creator, Aesop Rock, Elliott Smith, Nirvana, Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, Clinic, Danava, Replacements, Mountain, Spiritualized, Sweet, KISS, Led Zeppelin.