Who: Interview with Laura and Greg, Musicians
One of my favourite indie pop duos in NY, Laura and Greg. I caught up with them on the eve of their new album release “Grey Shark Canyon” and their trip down to SXSW.  Laura is also one of the co-owners of the amazing Van Leeuwen ice cream trucks and shops in NY and L.A. Greg also works as a visual artist so we chat about his newest project, how working in other arts and business ventures help both of them in supporting creativity in their lives, the importance of saying yes when you’re in a band, and navigating gratitude and frustration while  pursuing a career in the arts.  
Where: Recorded Greenpoint, NY
Stuff We Mention:  Ira Glass on Creativity (video), Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, In Search of Lost Time - Proust
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Episode Song Playlist: "Masha " from the album Grey Shark Canyon by Laura and Greg (New York)